Shoppy World

What ever you are be a good one


Finnish company Shoppy World Oy, ltd. is working and dealing globally with it's large network and partner companies.

We have several products and clients to represent:

We are part of the respected and reputable alliance network. We belong for the THE - Health Excellence group.  We connect sellers and buyers in medical device scene all over the world.

We represent investors from Europe and US in High Excellence and Luxury market as well together with Henningson Black Level and with our entire partner network over the continents.

We work only with the product suppliers or partners we know and we can trust and with whom either we or our partners has had a long and trusted relation.



Jukka-Pekka Vuorinen

CEO, partner

J-P is CEO and an broker/intermediate between the sellers and buyers.

Hendrick Henningson


Hendrick heads the international sales in Spanish office.

Rolandas Bucys


Rolandas works in Russian and Baltic markets.


  • Finland: Sinikalliontie 7, 02630 Espoo ........................... Spain: Calle Amalia Heredia 2, 5B 29003 Malaga


Our head office sites in Finland, but our market is a global world.